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Fantasy Sports Betting Coming To BookMakers 2017 – Fantasy Sports Bonus

Kindred Group (owner of Unibet & Maria Casino) has launched a fantasy sports betting product which will hit UK shores very soon. Only last week we mentioned Unibet was king of the VIP castle and was an online outfit to watch when Unibet featured in our top 5 UK casino picks for established casino gamblers. Well Unibet continues to be at the forefront of innovation on its journey to the top by launching Fantasy Sports. Unibet’s latest product fantasy sports is a bold move although at the time of writing, it is only a beta version released to Unibet’s Swedish market which means players from the UK and rest of Europe will have to wait a little longer into 2017 for Fantasy Sports by Unibet to fully launch and be available in all Unibet markets.

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For those of you who are not familiar with Fantasy Sports the game operates largely as a management game like Championship Manager 2017 (Champ Man). The Championship Manager game is a series of British football-management simulation computer games. The first Championship Manager  was released way back in 1992 on PC.

In Championship Manager you are the manager and the same applies to fantasy sports where you need to pick your dream line up. You then lead your team to compete against others in tournaments. Unibet has undoubtably taken inspiration from North America, where fantasy sports is booming. In North America fantasy sports is a billion dollar industry, perhaps due to the general current gambling rules and regulation which continue surround normal sports betting in the US. During 2016 millions of Americans played NFL fantasy which is a game where you must pick and manage your own American football team.

Why fantasy sports in Sweden? Unibet knows the Swedish market is engaged with the fantasy sports concept. Unibet also knows Sweden and the Nordics like the back of it’s hand – it has a loyal player base and a stronghold all over Scandinavia. Unibet has probably also seen that that fantasy sports have become increasingly popular amongst young professionals in parts of Europe like Sweden and the UK. In Sweden before the start of each ice hockey and football season players pick their “dream team” in the SHL for example.

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Get involved with growing game that fantasy sports at Unibet! Fantasy sports is fun game where you get to pick a team, watch them play and win real money! Unibet say fantasy sports is being tested in Sweden and then will be rolled out to more markets including the UK. So become a member at Unibet today and get up to speed on fantasy and be ahead of the pack!

Before Unibet brings Fantasy Sports to the UK, we should take a little look at how the game of fantasy sports works in full –

Team selection in fantasy sports:

When you choose to participate in a fantasy sports “league” at Unibet it brings up a game plan like the one below. Here you get a list of all available players. The list shows the players position, form, number of games played, points, points per game, etc.. If you choose to click on the icon on the far left (green), you get a list of the selected player’s stats, match by match.

Fantasy sports Unibet


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Unibet talk about fantasy sports betting:

“Unibet Fantasy Sports is a pool game where users compete in tournaments by putting together imaginary team of professional players based on player performance in real matches.”

It resembles tournaments like fantasy poker tournaments, where you pay to attend and where the top players share the prize pool. A share of the pie will obviously be at Unibet.

Admission into fantasy sports varies from league to league, but the normal of entry into a fantasy sports game will be around 20-50 kr so between 2 and 5£€$

The larger the entry fee the more money that is in the pot. A normal prize pool of fantasy sports is usually around 1000 SEK which is at the 100£€$ level (although with brexit anything could happen!)

Unlike a usual team line-up there are only five players which feature in this game. A goalkeeper, a back, a midfielder, a striker and a player of any position. Once you have selected your five players, then you must pick one player as captain. Your captains score is multiplied by 1.5 so as with Championship Manager captain is very important for points so pick wisely in order to win.

How do you win at fantasy sports betting?

The player who creates a team that collected the most points when the match / matches finished wins the tournament and the first prize!

If fantasy sports sounds interesting sign up to Unibet and get all the latest fanstasy sports news and promotions as well as casino offers to your inbox ! We love casino, but sports betting has never been more fun! Get ready to challenge your friends during 2017 and see who has the best knowledge of football. We hope you enjoy betting on fantasy sports at Unibet!

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