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Jackpot 6000 Slot

What is Jackpot 6000 about?

Norway’s most famous and hyped slot game is the classic NetEnt classic jackpot 6000, and UK players have also taken a liking to this jackpot game due to the game’s history. Plus let’s not forget that this fantastic slot is designed with big jackpot wins in mind. You can play the slot for free on or alternatively, you can download a bonus package at one of the online casinos that we feature. Slot machines with classic themes filled with fruit have always been a real draw for the land-based casinos. Play Jackpot 6000 slot and you will understand why it has taken so large market online!

According to Norway, this is the best online classic slot machine, which looks and feels like a slot machine from the past days of pub fruit machine glory. However, the slot works like a well-oiled V8 engine, especially on mobile, and gives big wins like never before! The game despite its classic look got new features that you can find in today’s blockbusters. You can among other things see a multiplier which can double your coins wins and a special feature called the super meter mode. The function has the ability to invite you for an unknown prize money if you are skilled enough to hit two wildcard symbols in the same spin.

For those interested, you can on this page to play jackpot 6000 free. There is no requirement for deposit or even to create an account. If the slot machine is to your taste so we offer you more than happy to answer a few really fat bonuses that you can operate on the UK casino sites that we already checked out for you. They are all safe online gaming sites that offer English speaking support and secure payments.

Where can I play Jackpot 6000 video slot?

Play Jackpot 6000 Online and Enjoy Jackpot 6000 at Reputable Casinos

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Jackpot 6000 Game Features

Study profits symbols that you can combine for big profits. For those who have played many classic slots fruit themes, it is nothing strange, however, so you should try to get as many wild cards as possible, then it gives you the highest dividends. In addition to the wildcard symbol, the game clocks of gold, stars, and fruits in quantities.

Jackpot 6000 Jackpot

A game that has the word jackpot in the name usually have really big profits to distribute, and it also applies to Jackpot 6000! Cleverly enough, there is a jackpot in the game that can generate up to a total of 6000 coins, which fits extremely well with the name of the slot machine. With such a big win at any time may appear, it is really exciting to play! The jackpot works so that you win a secret treasure box if you manage to get 2 jokers in a spin. The treasure chest can be a great wise of 6000 coins to hide, but it can also be a mini profit of ten coins, so you have to have luck on his side. There is also an additional way to win the maximum on Jackpot 6000 Jackpot, and that is if you manage to line up three jokers in a row. Remember that they must all be on the pay line which is in the middle.

Could it be that you do not scoop the jackpot in Jackpot 6000, it is not the whole world. The game has a lot of other benefits that also have high payout amounts. In addition to big wins, you have the opportunity to influence your profits with the game’s special function heads and tails. It is called actually double or nothing, but we thought the former was better suited. With this, you can simply bet your winnings (if you want) on heads or tails. In the right choice will be doubled your profits at large. If you choose wrong, you lose all your winnings. This is a very interesting special feature that can really Biffa to your winnings substantially. However, it can of course sometimes be useful to run the tactic of “better safe than sorry”, but it is entirely dependent on whether you like to work hard or not.

Jackpot 6000 RTP

Jackpot 6000 RTP range from 74 to almost 99%. Sound strange? We understand and explain. The fact is that your RTP varies depending on your efforts and the position in which the slot machine at the moment is in. If the game is in a super meter mode and you play with the maximum bet so is your RTP is many times higher than if you are playing with small stakes without being in the super meter mode. The best thing you can do to understand how the game holds together is to test play it for free on this page. Play until you have full control and after that, you can take advantage of a juicy bonus!

Jackpot 6000 Free Spins

Since this slot is one of the most played the machines on the Internet, it is easy to get hold of the Jackpot 6000 free spins. The list to the right of the slot machine offers you free games that you either get free directly at the registration of the game account or on your first deposit at the casino. Here you can hone your technique and your skills absolutely free, so take the opportunity while you can then use your free spins to try to win real money, once you know how the game works and what rules it has. To get Jackpot 6000 free spins no deposit should visit the list of all Net Entertainment, free spins, and bonuses. Where there are lots of offers you gotta you in!

As a member of a UK online casino, there are some benefits to playing slots regularly at the same casino with the same player account. The ideal thing for UK online casinos is that you choose their casino site and opt to play there forever. If you are loyal, deposit money and play regularly on the same site, it’s almost a guarantee that you will be rewarded with loyalty bonuses for casino. You can also contact customer service who will be happy to forward your message to their casino manager. He or she can then make the decision if you can get free Jackpot 6000 free spins, which you are looking. But remember that for the casino will want to spend precious free games on you, our customer, you have to be a loyal player who plays regularly.

Jackpot 6000 Bonus

The bonus game where you can win the Mega Fortune jackpot can be simply described as a classic win wheel, much like a lottery wheel or the spinning wheel in Bingolotto once. The wheel has three levels, and the first is the only coin prizes or a chance to take you to the game’s second level. In level two and three, there are also coin prizes of varying sizes, but even jackpots. The largest found at the highest level and as a rule, it provides at least 40 million when it goes out.

Should you play this machine, you should undoubtedly do it with a Mega Fortune bonus. Without a casino bonus for slots, you’re missing out on a twice as large gambling budget, and half as many chances to win, which could lead to missing that big jackpot prize that you could have had if you just had more money to spend! Usually, a bonus a kind of free money that you can play casino games, but they can also come in the form of free rounds. Several UK online casinos give you a Mega Fortune bonus – they are certainly not rare as this is one of the network’s most-played slot machines.

In virtually all casino sites that abound on the UK market offering the players a Jackpot 6000 bonus, either for free or with a deposit required. Why can you ask? Well it depends on the slot machine alone can attract hundreds of new players of the week for the casino’s doors, and this precisely because of its high profits. In doing so, make the online casino a really good deal by offering a Mega Fortune free bonuses to their players, as they all too often recur at a later time to play with real money.

The best opportunity for players to be active is when a big jackpot are about to grow. When investing all gaming sites to clean said submerge players into free spins and bonuses for just one of them will win the jackpot. This is the casino itself does not need to account for the payment of the profit, then it is a progressive jackpot (something we will return to later in the text) and it results in really good PR to distribute such large prize amounts. Check out our bonus page to find a free bonus that suits you. The absolute best deals, you as always with, bonus provider on the Internet.

Jackpot 6000 tips

If you leave this review and feel that you learned something new, we are incredibly pleased. We strive to educate and share our own experiences to a large amount of casino-interested people that abound on the Internet. There is much to learn and we are never fully trained, but the very fact you can not have! Here are three casino tips!

  • 2 jokers are good to have because they can give you 6000 coins. Do not forget that with 3 jokers in a row on row in the middle, you get the game’s jackpot instantly!
  • Learn the game by playing for free. You may stay here as long as you wish.
  • Free spins are plentiful. When you are ready, you should test the casino for real free spins.

Jackpot 6000 Video Slot Bet Limits

Jackpot 60000 on mobile

If you have a smartphone and an Internet connection can play the classic slot machine Jackpot 6000 Mobile. In addition to the aforementioned criteria requires that you have Flash Player on your phone. This requirement is only there because of a mobile adaptation of the palace does not exist yet. Even so, you can then play the regular version of the game via your mobile phone. As long as you have an eye on smart phones and the Internet so it should be no problem to get the running game. Just start Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser and surf to Casumo or any casino. Once you log in with your login information, and then it’s just the last step remains: Locate the game and then start it!

NetEnt Touch is an initiative of the games manufacturer NetEnt which means that they will be mobile customise as many slots as they may be, with its touches of fire. Yet there are no reliable sources on this, but we have heard that a launch date for the mobile version of Jackpot 6000 might come shortly. Then you with full customisation to be able to play on both tablet and phone, and all dimensions and sizes will fit perfectly!

Jackpot 6000 on Android

The gaming experience is better on mobile phones, according to many players, and for those who have an Android phone, it is now possible to play Jackpot 6000 Mobile. Just like the iPhone, Android handsets preloaded with Flash and this is what you need to play slots online.Since the pure mobile fitting is over, you have to use your internet to play the machine. Then simply use your phone to a computer and follow the same steps as usual. If the slot machine super does not fit in your window on your phone, it is nothing to worry about. You simply zoom and fiddle around until you find a size that fits your phone.

This is not optimal, it understands enough to all the casino players who are a few years old, but it is the only opportunity available in the current situation. Within a few years, we will look back and laugh at how some mobile casino games that were on the market, and then will probably all the games that are currently being developed for touch. The big companies that create Android phones are as always at the track and they will, of course, ensure that their phones have strong enough performance to meet future casino games for mobiles. What times we have to look forward to!

If you want a free offer now at large, you have to get a bonus to play for.You’ll find some top deals for Jackpot 6000 on this page next to the slot machine.

Jackpot 6000 on iPhone & iPad

Anyone with an Apple phone or tablet that is newer than the model year 2011 can play Jackpot 6000 on the iPhone or iPad. All the units have namely Flash Player from the start, so this is nothing you need to actively download in order to play casino games on your mobile. You can say that you simply can use your phone just like you use your computer. Just like when using a PC or laptop comes to the course to have a working internet that does not sway too much. To play takes you through the web browser to the casino and open an account. Then start the game and you are running. Do not play with money? Then you can stay here, where all the games are always free!

Despite rumors that abound there is, of course, no guarantee that the game will ever launched for mobile use. The only thing we can do is hope and believe that NetEnt feels that this is the right thing to do, and that soon they decide to launch Jackpot 6000 on iPhone devices. Something we can be 100% sure of is that if this happens it will work out just now, you never need to download an App.

Play Jackpot 6000 for free

For those who want to play Jackpot 6000 for free as is the stated possible to collect free spins at several casinos. Some have even locked some of their free spins for precisely this machine that we mentioned earlier. Or you can use your other bonuses to play. It is not only as a new player you will be able to get casino bonuses. There are many casinos have loyalty programs. That is to collect points or similar to show that you are a loyal player at the casino. You can, for example, get points when logging in, when you make a deposit or when you play. When you reach a certain number of points will be able to redeem these and retrieve the bonus you want. Such bonuses can also use to play free.

Our Final Say on Jackpot 6000

You can play Jackpot 6000 at most UK online casinos including Leo Vegas, Mr Green and BGO.

Jackpot 6000 Slot
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