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Play VR Casino with Real Money At Slotsmillion – VR Casino Bonus

VR casino is alive and kicking at Slotsmillion. VR is no longer a buzzword, although VR has been talked about for many years, it is only now that technical possibilities make VR a very real thing indeed. Barcelona based Alea Digital have done VR casino justice and created Slotsmillion – the first VR casino with real moneyVR stands for Virtual Reality and with inside the VR casino environment you can experience 3D slots with the help of a pair of VR glasses. Spinning Slots in VR casino is a bit like stepping into the future. The VR glasses we used have a built-in screen where the digital casino environment is displayed, and when you move or rotate your head follows the digital environment. All in all, as you would expect, VR is a thrilling, exciting and realistic experience where only your imagination can set limits! In the future we see VR is especially suitable for fantasy slots with dreamy themes and tropical environments. Think casino slots on DMT. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook expects to turn artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) into it’s business model over the next ten years, and we can see why!

Play VR casino with real money at Slotsmillion now

Until Slotsmillion VR casino came on the scene live casino the closest you get to a land based casino. With live casino you have access to real live dealers and other players, who you can communicate with, but with VR you can step right into the casino action from your living room! Sit at the table with a VR headset takes the casino experience to a whole other level.

With VR, you can walk around the casino and discover which casino game you would like to try next. Or sit down at a table for an even better experience of the live casino. Your gaming experience can be as real as anything, depending on how well-designed the virtual casino is of course.

VR casino has not had any major breakthrough yet in the UK (players from UK cannot play at Slotsmillion at time of writing) but it is certainly being hyped by Slotsmillion and with slots plus live casino playing an important part in shaping the future of VR casino. The possibilities are endless!

Experience VR slots in the casino at Slotsmillion

Today there is only one VR casino and that is SlotsMillion. Slotsmillion, like Facebook, is trying to create another universe of apps and tools that don’t rely on mobile phones/tablets and desktop PCs. Slotsmillion is balls deep into the VR casino industry and while it will take at least a decade to fully play out, the VR technology Slotsmillion are talking about today is one more giant leap towards the death of the physical handheld devices like mobiles and tablets which we know and love to play casino on today.

Play VR Gonzos Quest Slot At Slotsmillion

At SlotsMillion you can walk around the casino and discover one of the 40 exciting VR games available. When playing Slotsmillion on mobile/tablet/desktop you can play almost 1,500 games. So mobile still beats VR in terms of volume and we expect this to continue for sometime as VR is still on the back burner for many casino software developers. Today the issue for VR is accessibility – to play VR casino you need a physical VR headset plus you need to download the VR software.

Slotsmillion offer a an exclusive VR gaming experience at casino conferences like ICE in London so you can try VR casino without buying the VR headset. You can test the casino without glasses if you want, although for the best gaming experience we strongly suggest that you use the VR goggles at Slotsmillion casino for your 3D gaming adventure.

Are VR slots the future?

Since the SlotsMillion is the only casino offering VR casino games right now, VR certainly has some way to go before it becomes mainstream. But Slotsmillion is certainly a step in the right direction for VR casino, and maybe indication of how VR gaming will look in 2020. VR casino has all the potential to be great, and VR can probably be a revolutionary way to play casino and games online in the future. Slotsmillion is coming to the UK soon. At time of writing UK players are excluded from Slotsmillion because Slotsmillion is without UKGC license and lacks GBP currency. We are promised GBP and a UKGC license is coming soon to Slotsmillion. However, if you on mainland Europe – go to Slotsmillion now!

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